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200+ Unique Date Ideas and Experiences

By ItsTaraDelaney


I fully understand the struggle for date ideas especially after a couple has been together for some time. Even if you and your partner are incredibly fun people, it can still be tough to think of something different.

A long time ago, on a different blog, I came up with a long list of date ideas that I thought would be fun, and categorized them by cost and the amount of planning needed. That blog is long gone, but I decided to bring the list back and add some more from my own mind, and also, the internet.

Most of these ideas can be used for time alone with your SO, or on a double/triple date with some friends!

Some of the ideas are specific to Edmonton. I have italicised those so anyone who lives elsewhere can ignore them (or use them next time you’re a tourist in my town!). The list is real long. Hope you’re ready!

Cheap/Free and Spontaneous


Art Gallery


Work out

Do an art project

Go for a walk

Sing a duet

Write a song

Build a blanket fort

Build an outside fort

Hot Yoga

Get in trouble


Split a milkshake

Play a drinking game

Have a fire pit

Paint war

Read a book out loud

Take pictures to create evidence of an adventure that never happened

Plant something

Climb trees

Kidnap a friend

Graffiti the sidewalks with chalk

Create obstacle courses for each other

Bike Ride

Watch a movie outside

Moustache movie drinking game – Tape a couple of moustaches onto your TV screen and every time it lines up on someone’s face, drink.


Ice cream sundaes

Driving Range

Explore the River Valley – Instead you can just explore a local area that has been kept natural

Walk around West Edmonton Mall

Taste oil&vinegar at Evoolution

Urban Goose Chase photo scavenger hunt

Watch a really old lame horror movie

Build a snowman/fort

Make ice bubbles

Wii Game Night

Guitar Hero

Scary Movie

Sad Movie

Action Movie

Homemade pizzas

DDR (Dance Dance Revolution)

Homemade ice cream

Make Banana Bread

Walk around a camping store

Walk around a furniture store

Mario Kart

Play Lego

Paddle Boating


Watch a documentary

Play a collaborative video game – (We like Don’t Starve Together)

Create something

Draw each other

Have a Popsicle stick bridge building competition

Paper plane competition

Decorate cookies to look like your friends and deliver them

Play “Bigger or Better


Assign each other an art project

Croquet/other backyard games



Look at vintage stuff



Stereotypical girl’s night

Stereotypical guys’ night

Frisbee Golf

Garage Sale-ing

Hunt for your dinner – You each get $5 and an assigned course (protein, salad, dessert, whatever) and whoever gets the best food closest to the limit, wins! The loser has to actually make the food.

Truth or dare in the mall

Photograph each other – It’s nice to see yourself through the other’s eyes

Feed the ducks

Café Haven – Go to a cafe that feature’s local bands

Do a YouTube tutorial



Pop some tags (a la Macklemore)

Play hide and seek at IKEA

Pretend you’re spies in public.

Invent a mystery

Do a colouring book

Visit the Greenhouse

Cheap/Free and Minimal Planning


Humane Society (puppies!)

Have a Nerf gun fight

Try partner acro yoga

Day Hike

Try a new fitness class

Sleep outside or in a truck bed under the stars

U-Pick farm

Test drive an expensive car

Drop in Dance Class

Wine & Beyond Event

UofA observatory

Go all out for a sports game

Cheese tasting at the cavern

Volunteer Somewhere (This involves lots of planning)

Free Movie Tuesdays on the Square

Farmers Market


Estate Sale

Corn Maze

Roller Skating


Go to a show home

Make a time capsule

Homemade movie

Fly a kite

Let go of a floating lantern

Babysit (lots of planning)


Moderately Priced and Spontaneous

VIP movie theatre

Go shopping, pick outfits for each other




Go to an Amusement Park

Golf course

Go to the Zoo

Trampoline park

Eat Somewhere we’ve never heard of

Jurassic Forrest

Fort Edmonton Park

Patio lunch

Telus World of Science


Puzzle & Pizza night



Fondue Night

Hot Stone

Go out for Dessert

Play Pool


Ukrainian village

Go Carting

Line dancing

My Drunk Kitchen (a la Hannah Hart)

Buy roses and give them to people in the street

Muttart conservatory

Master Chef drinking game

Car Show


Whyte Ave date

Paint Pottery

Go Fishing

Moderately Priced and Minimal Planning

Buy the cheapest bus ticket, spend the day there

Escape room

Do a river float

Swing Dancing

Salsa Dancing

Go Clubbing

Head to your local ski hill


Cook a new, weird recipe together

Take a Train


Go skiing

Set off fireworks

Day trip to the Beach

Local theatre


Drop in class at art gallery

Craft class at Michaels

Museum after Dark

Beer Tasting

Go to one of your city’s many festivals!

Go to a shooting gallery

Kayak or Canoe


Ghost tours



See comedy

Get a photoshoot done

Strawberry Picking

Batting cages

Photography class

Local artist concert

Cook for each other (one course each)

Rock Climbing


Moderately Priced and Lots of Planning

Ride Horses (Lots of Planning)

Host a Party (lots of planning)

Go Camping (Lots of Planning)

Host a murder mystery Party (lots of planning)

Expensive and Minimal Planning

Spa Day


Take a cooking class

Go Paddle Boarding

Classy-ass date – (Dress to the nines, eat at a fancy restaurant and order the best wine)

Surfing lessons at West Edmonton Mall

Expensive and Lots of Planning

Dinner theatre

Other High end theatre


Go to the Melting Pot

See a hockey game

Go to a concert Sign up for a crazy 5k

Do a multi-day hike

I hope that this list proves to be useful to someone (even if that’s just me). But I’m always looking for more ideas so please if you have a date idea, or recently had an awesome date, comment!

Enjoy, Tara

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