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Alberobello, Apulia, Italy: The Country Of The Trulli

By Rossella Gonnella

Traveling is one of the pleasures of life and we must not do without it. With each new journey, knowing new cultures and traditions makes you come back different. The only rule of travel is not to return as you left. There is no man more complete than one who has traveled, and who has changed the shape of his thought and life twenty times. Life is a journey and those who travel live twice. Do you want to escape from normality for a day, celebrate your anniversary or surprise your partner? Alberobello is a fantastic destination to spend a relaxing weekend as a couple. As an experience I recommend that you try the pleasant sensation of sleeping in a Trullo.
The Trullo is the most traditional of the Apulian Residences. Sleeping in a trullo is an unforgettable experience, to try! An enchanting experience to do at least once in a lifetime, possible thanks to the work of recovering the old structures, which have been brought back to life while keeping their original charm intact. Alberobello is the most faithful keeper of the Trulli, which make up its entire historic center.

Walking Itinerary Alberobello is divided into two districts: Rione Monti and Rione Aia Piccola.
The Monti district and the Aia piccola are the monumental areas that group around 1400 trulli.
The visit of Alberobello should start from the Belvedere which is located on the steps of Piazza del Popolo. From here you can admire the whole scenery of Rione Monti. The route continues with a visit to the historic center Rione Aia Piccola, consisting of about 400 trulli, most of which are still used as homes. The name “Aia” recalls a large clearing which in the past was used for beating wheat. In the Aia Piccola, we find the Museum of Craftsmanship of old and new crafts, where you can admire tools and instruments of the artisan culture of our land and the Oil Museum.
Between Aia Piccola and Piazza del Popolo rises Casa Pezzolla, a unique architectural complex of its kind, made up of 15 communicating trulli. Today it is the seat of the Museum of the territory, ideal for those who want to learn about the culture of the area by discovering the main production activities of the landscape and admiring the typical furnishings of a peasant-era trullo.
 The House of Love: a monument declared a World Heritage Site, it was erected immediately after the issuance of the royal decree which freed Alberobello from feudal vassalage. It represents the first house built with the use of mortar and without the classic trullo shape. It is currently home to various cultural activities.
 The Rione Monti has more than 1000 trulli arranged in seven different streets of incomparable beauty. Seven roads, each with its own particularities, cross the district to meet at the top of the mountain in front of the Church of Sant’Antonio. Here the visitor will be attracted by the skill of the numerous artisans who enliven the neighborhood with their shops until late evening. Many of the trulli in this area host small shops and artisan shops where you can find some well presented souvenirs.

The Church of Sant’Antonio located on the top of the Monti district and built on the initiative of the priest Antonio Lippolis and thanks to the donations of the inhabitants of Alberobello. Its particular trullo shape makes it unique in the world.

Where the oldest trulli stand in Via Monte Nero and in Via Monte Pasubio there are the Siamese Trulli, joined at the top but with entrances that open onto two different streets. Once connected by an external door, it is said that they were separated following a feud between two brothers. According to legend, the Siamese trulli were inhabited by two brothers. The eldest was to marry a girl who was madly in love with her younger brother. For some time the three lived together in the same trullo but when the brother, blinded by jealousy, sent the couple away, the trullo was divided in two and another entrance door was built on Via Pasubio (behind). Today there is a souvenir shop in the Siamese Trulli. Opposite there is a trullo inhabited by an old lady who for a free offer allows you to visit a trullo still inhabited and furnished.
 The Trullo Sovrano represents the most advanced example of a trullo on two floors, in which, between fireplaces, kitchen tools and frames, you can still breathe the atmosphere of the past. It is a house-museum with paid admission where you can visit and admire the furnished rooms and the Mediterranean garden.
Tourist destination to visit all year round, enjoy a walk in the historic center between alleys and loggias that offer a wonderful panorama from above, making the atmosphere magical. Alberobello awaits you.

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