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By Holly Roberts Travel


It’s the start of the new decade! I am still trying to fathom the fact that we have left 2019 behind. I’ve been thinking a lot about the last decade and what I’ve done, achieved and where I’ve traveled and the best places I visited.

To start the decade, I was 9 years old turning 10. Obviously. Well, I’d say the time, I was 9 going on 30. Already stressing, planning and discussing my career, what business I’d eventually start-up and whether I would make the dream goal of “30 under 30”.

Now going on 20, I have achieved a lot and all in all, I think that 9-year-old Holly would be pretty pleased. Last decade I powered relentlessly through high school, doing subjects I not only didn’t enjoy but I wasn’t passionate about, graduated *just*, traveled solo, worked on myself, found love, worked with some dream brands, discovered who my true friends are and started to back myself more than ever before.

Reflection is important to plan and create excitement for the future ahead. In this last decade, I’ve realized that travel is the one thing that really lights a spark within my soul. Not only does it motivate me to explore, learn and become independent. Travel has enhanced and envigorated the determination within myself to build the best business I can,  making travel my full-time job, working from anywhere in the world and putting my 9-year-old mind at ease. 

Having been to a multitude of places around the world in the last decade and also having travel plans waiting for the upcoming year, here I have handpicked the Best Places to Visit in 2020.



Bali is the ultimate planet paradise. It’s truly one place you must visit in your life. Reimagine travel by day to day exploration through rice terraces, waterfalls, busy streets and a bustling melting pot of culture.

Explore your inner monkey by residing in the world-renowned villa, treehouse, bubble and hammock hotels. Lounge on the edge of a cliff and be constantly immersed in Bali’s beautiful flora and fauna. 

Discover the island from head to toe within a matter of a couple of weeks, and don’t forget Island hopping! Further, from festivities to beach sunsets and way longer than 1-hour happy hours, it’s impossible to not adore the incredibly tropical and homely feel of Bali. 

Check out my 7 Day Guide to Bali here! Bali was 100% the Best Place I Traveled to in 2019!


Number 2 on the list of Best Places to Visit in 2020 is one of the 7 wonders of worlds before it is TOO LATE! One of the world’s most diverse ecosystems composed over 2,900 individual reefs off the coast of Queensland, Australia. Climate change exacerbates the altering temperatures of the water, contributing to coral bleaching.

More than half of the reef has lots of its once rainbow hue created by multi-colored algae. The loss of this algae causes the coral to starve and essentially ‘bleach as a result of limited to no sea life. Learn more about how you can help make a difference to climate change and the loss of the Great Barrier Reef here.


If you haven’t already been or already been fantasizing about visiting Greece since Mamma Mia came out, you’ve got a surprise in store.

Hosting some of the world’s most beautiful architecture, ancient sites, beaches, and climate Greece should be number 1 on your 2020 travel bucket list. Mid April – Mid June are the best times to visit this mythical land, at this time you can soak up the sun in Crete, see the famous landscapes of Santorini and visit some historical sites in Athens.


This land of templeshello kitty, ramen and genuinely the most friendly people on earth is a place you should try tick off your 2020 bucket list. Having some of the world’s best public transport, accompanied by a japan rail pass allows you to effortlessly traverse a multitude of prefectures, cities, and towns across the country.

Discover the bright lights of Tokyo, the incredible shrines of Kyoto and the history behind some of the world’s greatest disasters in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. With an endless to-do list in Japan travel with 2-3 weeks of exploring in mind.


Expect to be treated with respect, kindness and the utmost hospitality when staying in Morocco. Explore through endless history, markets and beautiful architecture that is sure to make your Instagram pop out! 

Like visiting any country, treat it with respect yourself. Many are concerned about their safety possibly being compromised here, but to the contrary, Morocco is relatively harmless. Even a place you can visit as a solo female traveler! Check out a blog post from one of my lovely nomadic friends Joelle on her experience solo traveling through Morocco.

One amazing way to see this country is by the tour! Traverse Journeys tour company offers a variety of tours throughout the year (and around the world) to visit Morocco. Have all the pre-planning done for you by booking with them here!


Mauritius is one destination I have always dreamed of visiting. Glowing waters border luscious green land perfect for any intrepid traveler. And of course absolutely fitting if you’re looking for a relaxing tropical holiday. 

From diving experiences, hiking through national parks and experiencing some of the country’s beautiful cuisine, Mauritius is sure to be a destination of paradise.


With more than just Swedish Meatballs to experience in this area of Scandinavia, the rich culture and history is something like you would never have experienced before.

Discover Viking history in the medieval city of Visby on the island of Gotland, play in the snow in Lapland during winter and pose next to the ever so cute architecture within Stockholm’s ‘Gamla Stan’. Plus Sweden is the best place to really experience that Scandinavian white Christmas!

For more information on what you can check out on Gotland, check out my guide here! Plus learn about why ‘Fika’ is the reason why you’ll be practically rolling out of the country when you leave!


Probably being my most saved destination on Instagram there isn’t much unappealing about Thailand. All seasons are appropriate for traveling making it the perfect all year round destination that can be worked around other seasonal travel. The food, people and historical temples design not only a memorable experience but one you can design to your taste and liking.

From adventure travel to visiting historical sites, relaxing on the beach or having a culinary journey through the country. Thailand is perfect for all kinds of travelers and agendas.


The Dead Sea sits along the border of Jordan and Israel, and as many know it as one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water.

Ever struggled with floating perfectly on back, with your legs straight and head out of the water? No longer a problem as the Dead Sea promotes perfect buoyancy of the body due to the extreme salt levels of the water.

Being over 3 million years old you would be bathing in some of the world’s most historic bodies of water as what flows in doesn’t flow out. Moreover, if you are looking for a cheap, natural and effective way to cleanse your skin, the mud is perfect!


Not only is the UK one of the best places to visit but it is a place of extremely diverse land, architecture, food, culture, and accents. There is an endless amount of exploring to be done throughout the United Kingdom.

From exploring the business of London to training to the north and revisiting the birthplace of the Beatles in Liverpool the excitement (or the number of pubs) doesn’t stop. Plus if you are feeling adventurous, pop on a train from practically anywhere in England to Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. The opportunities for travel and adventure are all packed into one big easy to traverse place.

It is definitely recommended to allow 2-3 weeks of travel for the UK to get the most out of your experience. 

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