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Search for your perfect trip with Triple M Travel and save hundreds!



By WalkflyWalk Instagram Kalimera and Kalispera Athens is hot. Very hot. It is fair to say that suncream and a hat are absolute essentials for this city. Upon arrival, we were driven through the centre of Monstraki Square, next to where our hotel was. From here we could see the ancient Acropolis with the famous

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Why Hungary?

By Romy Jüch Instagram Hungary might just be the underdog when it comes to holiday destinations. It isn’t an as obvious choice for a summer stay as Spain, gastronomically well established as Italy or famously romantic as France, but this is exactly the reason why Hungary still got its innocent charm. But let’s be honest,

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By Katarina Zlatkovic Instagram Sultanate of Oman is a beautiful Middle Eastern country located on southern end of Arabian Peninsula. It has a population of around 4.6 million people, religion is dominantly Islam. Omani Riyal is the currency used and the language spoken is Arabic. What is very fascinating about Oman is that this country

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