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Hotel Review: Pefkos Beach in Rhodes 🇬🇷

Greece can only be describe as #WOW. With its clear blue waters and high temperatures throughout the summer it is no wonder why this beautiful country attracts thousands of tourists each year. I had the pleasure of visiting Rhodes, a Greek island with a huge amount of history and culture. Plate smashing, ouzo, moussaka are things you would associate with Greece lots of this is enhanced in the beautiful island of Rhodes. The Pefkos beach studios & apartments (in Pefkos, Rhodes) brings everything you need from activities to comfort with its fantastic location and humble hosting.


If you have children who love the water then you are in for a treat. With 3 pools this fantastic location will always be able to entertain your little ones needs. Offering a huge sun lounge area with multiple sun beds you will be able to relax and soak up the rays with ease. Luckily for me when I visited, the heat was so intense the pool felt like a luxury treat. Being very spacious and family friendly I found it extremely accessible to swim lengths. My favourite thing of all was the convenient bar above the lounging area. With sky sports news on all day you could relax with a bottle of mythos in hand, factor 30 bronzer lotion on catching up with the latest sports stories #naughty. Outside the hotel there is plenty to do. With pefkos being an absolutely welcoming resort the locals will go out their way to make you feel at home. With the nightlife booming and the daytime peaceful it brings the best of both worlds making its target audience huge. Topped off with what seems to be a never ending pebble beach be sure to be beach bum ready because you will constantly find yourself walking along this fabulous coast. The surroundings offer plenty of dining experience from typical Greek food to Thai style feasts you will never go hungry. We visited Nostalgia a restaurant attached to the Pefkos beach where we sat down and enjoyed a pizza dish that would make the Italians proud. Prices are as cheap as what you would expect to pay in the UK so keeping to a budget was quite simple.


If your looking for a comfortable, tidy place to chill out when the heat gets to overwhelming then your apartment rooms are ideal. These fabulously designed dwellings are superb for a great night sleep. All apartments come with a balcony and with the essential toiletries.

The rooms are very spacious and everything you would expect such as fresh bedding and a clean bathroom. However If you don’t get on well with geckos then I suggest requesting a room at a height as the little critters are capable of crawling in through the smallest of gaps. Overall I was very pleased with how well the room has been kept with working air conditioning provided for a small fee and a safe for your personal belongings I couldn’t fault it.

Reception Area/Staff

As we have stated before the warm welcome from all staff members was honestly a master class. With the reception open 24/7 what ever we requested would be delivered with a smile. All members of staff who are fluent in English made our stay spectacular. From the cleaning team to the bar staff to the entertainers all of which were exceptional.

What’s to offer outside the hotel?

Pefkos is an absolutely stunning resort. From its beautiful beaches to classy night life Pefkos is on its way to being perfect. I took a walk around the area and found an amazing bar called ‘Eclipse’ from this establishment they have a cliff dive opportunity where you are invited to jump off a 20ft rock into the pool below. This is a very thrilling experience when you have people watching and cheering you on its hard to not take the leap. The main attraction on the island is a village named Lindos. I can tell you now this place is truly breathtaking. With all houses looking like sugar cubes on the mountain tops the scenery is just exquisite. Adventuring here will definitely tick off part of your bucket list.

Would we recommend this hotel?

All in all if we were to head back to Pefkos then the Pefkos Beach studios and apartments would 100% be at the top of the list for hosting. With its ideal location, superb lounging areas and top notch apartments, its always going to be our go to.

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