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How To Conquer A Road Trip

By Tiffany Mestre


We all know how it can be a bit dreadful to be stuck in a compact car for hours on end. Get excited because we’ve got great tips to consider on your next journey. Planning is key! We cover all things road trips.

Thousands of miles left unridden. Let us get you ready to take that road trip with amazing views you’ve been planning. Pack your things and read up because we have tons to get into!


Food is essential but water is important too. Make sure you stay hydrated with lots of water on board . Chewing gum should definitely be part of your snack pack. It’s proven to keep you alert. The constant chewing is keeping your blood circulating. Keeping a cooler is also big help! There is one place everyone knows to get the snack and drinks so no one is scrimmaging through bags for food. Healthy snacks like dried fruit and nuts go a long way so you don’t feel sluggish. My favorite thing to do is go to Dollar Tree ahead of time, Ballin’ on a budget for all for snacks.

Car Health

Most people just expect the car to always be reliable. When we take car of our cars, they take care of us. Make sure your oil is changed, tires have the correct air pressure and the car stays gassed up! Don’t go below a quarter tank. Plan out where you will stop along the way for gas. You don’t want to be stuck not in the middle of no where with a gross gas station with a dirty bathroom. Not a good place for one of your potty breaks.


Music is a must! The best way to accommodate everyone can sometimes result in everyone using their own head phones. Therefore, having the co pilot and driver on the same page for some good tunes! Car games like the “license plate game” are a great way to pass the time when the days feel endless. It also ant hurt to get some type of DVD player or an iPad ready for backseat drivers to enjoy movies to help the time go by. It’s important to remember the driver is staring at the road all day so something that will keep their eyes on the road while awake & focused !


Plan your stops! There could be beautiful scenery to pass through. Research great food that is along the way. Food stops are key because no one likes a car full of cranky hungry people! Plan for bathroom breaks in different rest stops off the highway. Line up where and when you want to get some steps in! Like stopping at parks or museums to stretch your legs. Share the ride! Switching out the driver for a safe ride is always a must!

Road trips obviously have a mind of their own. These tips are here to help give you ideas on what can help you conquer those long journeys. For more great tips and see the world with me Subscribe to the blog. Reply to the Forums to stay in touch! And always stay blessed my fellow Travelholic!

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