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Reasons Why You Need Travel To Singapore

By Hannah Kirsop

From a person from the UK, I think this place does not get the recognition it deserves. Singapore may not be a first-choice travel destination from the UK but it really should be a place to consider. Throughout the places I had travelled in the summer 2018, it had to be my favourite.

Staying just off Orchid Road it was an ideal destination. Walking down Orchard Street was energetic, filled with high end shops and bright lights. It had great places to go and get food. However, the prices were not the cheapest in this area. It definitely is the equivalent of Oxford Street in London or Fifth Avenue in New York. It radiated glamour. Due to the limited time we had there, we opted to travel by taxis, although this is the most expensive way we were able to maximise the time we had there. Singapore is very accessible with convenient metros. Using taxis were more expensive than using metros but compared to back home they were not badly priced.

This led to us getting a taxi to Sentosa, literally the other side of Singapore, but the taxi wasn’t that dear. Sentosa was fabulous. It’s a small island connected to Singapore and it had everything, and when I say everything I really mean everything. There was so much to do on the small island. It had so many tourist attractions, it was clear that this was its purpose, it even had a universal studio. We went on the tower that gave you a 360-degree view of the island and the coastline of Singapore with the skyscrapers in the background.

On the island, we got ski lifts to go down to the beach. This place literally has everything. When arriving down to the beach we were immediately drawn to the water and the golden sand. There were several other activities included zip lines and bungee jumping, definitely catering for the adrenaline junkies. After spending several hours on the beach, we went on a cable car back to the city. The view of the Marina was fresh and offered great views of the skyscrapers. One issue was finding a taxi after the cable cars, this may have taken longer than we expected.

If you’re an animal lover and enjoys zoos, the Singapore zoo is the place to be. It is a little way out but not hard to reach. Personally, I’m not a massive fan of zoos as I don’t believe animals should be in captivity but the panda sanctuary convinced me to go. My main motive for visiting the zoo was to visit the pandas, which were a gift from china. To visit the panda exhibition, you had to buy the water safari package so we were able to see other animals as well. The zoo has other packages involving all varieties of animals. When researching the zoo, it has great schemes that contribute to the conservation of many species.

The Singapore Flyer was not a miss. Literally, you could not miss it from the marina skyline. It is basically, a larger version of the London eye, giving excellent views of the city. The photographs were not the best of quality due to the glass pods but taking the view in was mesmerising. It was a great way to see the city. It was nice to just sit and go round the wheel, looking out as far as you could, seeing the marina, the skyscrapers, the stadium. It was definitely a popular choice as well.

My favourite location in Singapore was Gardens by the Bay. At night, the large bright trees glowed so beautifully. The trees are connected by a walkway that you can walk along, but it does close after a certain time. One of the blue trees further along has a roof top bar. It was just by chance that we had found the spot and I am so glad that we found this hidden gem as it was truly breath taking. This in my opinion, was the best view of Singapore. With the other trees alongside, the view of the Marina and Singapore flyer and the Skyscrapers, it showed how alive the city was. When I was there, I felt like nothing could reach me and that the world was my oyster. Gardens by the Bay was one of the best places I had visited, it was so magical. This place is where some of my most favourite photos were taken from the whole trip. It also has other accessible displays and attractions throughout the day, that were as equally beautiful.

This place is a little gold mine. Literally with the oil rigs off shore and with what the city has to offer. There is other great activities and locations within the destination that has not been mentioned but these were the places I visited and thoroughly enjoyed. If people are looking for an exciting city, a beach and several amazing attractions, this is the place to visit. This place deserves the recognition it needs. When I returned home the film Crazy Rich Asians had just premiered. It was a fantastic film, with a very talented cast, and it was also set in Singapore! It showcased this beautiful place, showing some of the best landmarks and showing the world how beautiful Singapore really is.


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