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Top 10 Tips For Your London

By Rebecca Gonzalez

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In October 2019, I spent 4 days in London. While my trip abroad was short, these are the tips (and mistakes) I learned during my time there.

 Get an Oyster Card

This is your all-in-one card for transportation in London: the tube, bus, water taxi, and regional trains. It costs £5 and you can load it with a several amounts. The best part is that some fares are cheaper when you have an Oyster Card!

 Visit a Free Museum

One of the many best things about London are the free museums! There are over a hundred museums to visit. You can catch Monet and Van Gogh at the National Gallery or the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum. All they ask is for a small donation.

 Visit Buckingham Palace during the Changing of the Guards Ceremony

To make your visit worth it, get up early and attend the ceremony which is filled with horses, music, and marches as the guards change shifts. Unfortunately, I did not know this and it was my last day in London. Don’t make the same mistake as me. Check the schedule here for dates.

 Ride the London Eye during Sunset

If you’re going to pay £30 for it, you better make it worth it. By riding during sunset you get to see different colors in the sky along with the London city view. The ride seems slow but it only lasts 30 minutes.

 Ride the Water Taxi from Westminster to Tower Bridge

Using your Oyster Card, take the tube to Westminster and take the water taxi for £7 to Tower Bridge. There aren’t tour guides explaining the history, but it’s more affordable than the tour cruises and the views are the same! 

 Save £s by visiting Westminster Abbey during a service

You could save the normal £23 admission fee by attending one of Westminster Abbey’s services which you can check times here. Services are free and all are welcomed. Of course, be respectful of their service. No photos are allowed inside either way. 

 Try the best Fish and Chips at Poppies 

No trip to London is complete without eating fish and chips. The key is finding out if their fish is fresh and not frozen. I highly recommend eating at Poppies Fish and Chips, where they serve fresh fish and have very friendly service since 1952!

 Look down before crossing the street

Or look both ways before you get hit by a bus or bicyclists. Thank you London for indicating on your streets which way to look for us dyslexic tourists!

 Eat a traditional English Breakfast

Besides Fish and Chips, this is another must try. It usually consists of eggs, ham, mushroom, tomato, beans, and hash browns.

 Don’t visit London until 2021

If you’re thinking of snapping pictures with Big Ben, you will want to save your trip until 2021. Big Ben is under restoration until 2021 and the construction is not pretty. But if you can live without that iconic photo, by all means book your trip 

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