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Top 3 Beaches You Need To Visit As A Tourist

Everybody loves to sit back, relax and soak up them valuable sunshine rays on their holiday. What is a better place to do this than a sandy, calm and most refreshing beach. We have put together a few fantastic memorable locations for you to enjoy and consider visiting on your travels. Many tourists arrive at these magnificent world venues every year so with the popularity of these beauties comes alot of attraction.

Starfish Beach-Panama

Based in Bocas Del Toro this exquisite destination shows off the worlds beauty. With its crystal clear Caribbean waters ‘Starfish beach’ brings your childhood dreams to life.To get to starfish beach you can catch the ‘Bocas del Drago’ bus from the park in town. The bus leaves every 2 hours starting from 6am however the latest return is 5pm. The beach itself can only be described as paradise. Although its a very indmand beach with many tourists visiting each year you will always feel spacious and private. Now this beach is called ‘Starfish beach’ and it certainly doesn’t dissapoint. The amount of sea life will make every species and water lover feel overwhelmed.


Tropea is a seaside resort with impressive scenery in the region of Calabria. Full of bars, cafes, pizzarias and gift shops this seaside resort is extremely appealing to tourists. Calabria isn’t as well know as Sicilly but ‘Tropea’ puts the place on the map. With a 2 and a half mile long beach and eye watering views this beach is a great place to chill. Visiting this tremendous sandy area and seeing its clear waters makes it hard for you not to take a dip in the sea. Some describe Tropea as the heaven of all touristy destinations so with this information its hard to stay out of our top 3.

Shipwrecked Cove

Although this beach is miniscule to the previous beaches we have covered this beautiful beach brings a real fantasy to life. Based in Zakynthos (Greece) Shipwrecked Cove can be acessible through many day trip experiences from all around the island. Simply go to your nearest attraction stall and book through them. We recommend the day cruise which allows you to visit this amazing beach and also go to sea turtle island. Shipwreck Coves makes you feel like your in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ with a beached vessel stranded on shore for you to explore.

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