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Top 5 cities To Visit In The UK

If your struggling to raise the funds to travel overseas this year why not explore the UK’s great landscapes. We have 5 great cities for you to keep in mind when staying on home turf.


Being the largest city in the county of Somerset ‘Bath’ has alot to please its visitors. Offering great landmarks such as the ‘Roman Baths’ and ‘Bath Abbey’ the city never leaves the public wondering what to do. Mainly famous for its hot springs Bath brings medieval heritage to the modern age. With plenty of night life and great places to eat you will always feel welcome and safe in a city like Bath.


The English capital brings such brilliance through excellent architecture and historic monuments. With over 30 million tourists annually ‘London’ is a true destination that should be on anyone’s bucket list. ‘Big Ben’ ‘The London eye’ and ‘Buckingham palace’ are just a fraction of sight seeing opportunities for travelers seeking a visional thrill.


Bristol has came along way in recent years. Now established as one of the prefered University choices in the UK, Bristol gives the nightlife experience that is desired for the younger generation. The grand old buildings, maritime history, and cool independent shops make Bristol unique completed off with its very own zoo. Not only is the town centre so special the city also boasts its own harbourside with fantastic scenery.


Cardiff is the capital of Wales and its largest city. It has ancient Celtic remains and its metropolitan area makes up over a third of the population of Wales. One of Cardiff’s popular tourist destinations is the ‘Cardiff bay’ which is known as a relaxing area with welcoming bars and restaurants.


With possibly one of the best universities in the world Cambridge is known to many people around the globe. Educating famous faces such as Charles Darwin Cambridge is known for its knowledge. However the city also contributes spectacular views and scenery. One main attraction is the ‘punting tour’ this is a relaxing tour drifting down the river cam whilst seeing some of Cambridge’s great landmarks. A exceptional city all in all Cambridge really contributes to making ‘Great Britain’ great.

So there you have it if its a true British stay away from home is what your looking for we have given you insight in to what’s out there. Views, culture, history is what can be offered on these exquisite destinations.

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