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Search for your perfect trip with TripleM Travel and save hundreds!

Find Your Perfect Holiday!

Search for your perfect trip with Triple M Travel and save hundreds!

What To Pack for Your Holiday?

So…. Your going away on your dream holiday and thinking to yourself, ‘I NEED TO START PACKING’. Staying away from home can sometimes be a stressful task when deciding what essentials to take with you on your travels. We are here to help you with items that will be in demand and make your holiday special.

We will guide you on what essentials are best to take with you to keep any unnecessary costs down before your holiday even begins.

Summer or winter holidays the most important item you will certainly need is a luggage bag. This can be as swag as you desire but what should be taken into consideration is the weight. Below is a recommended item from Amazon which is durable, sleek and lightweight so you can sit back and take enjoyment on the amount you pack without the added stress.

The main mistake we all seem to make is the amount of toiletries we take. We recommend only taking a small sample sized toothpaste, a toothbrush, a flannel and essential medication. Items such as soap, shower gel and shampoo can all be purchased at your destination and will most probably end up being cheaper.

When booking your hotel or apartment the details of whats included should be mentioned on the website. Items such as hairdryers, iron’s and towels will more than likely already be there for you to use. If the information is missing then you are always welcome to contact your travel supplier to see if they have these details.

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