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Why Hungary?

By Romy Jüch


Hungary might just be the underdog when it comes to holiday destinations. It isn’t an as obvious choice for a summer stay as Spain, gastronomically well established as Italy or famously romantic as France, but this is exactly the reason why Hungary still got its innocent charm.

But let’s be honest, summer vibes, delicious cuisine and romantic spots, Hungary has it too! And it even has more to offer. The catch? Hungary isn’t quite as touristic. Now you might say, “Why is this a problem?”. In my opinion, it isn’t. But being a tourist in Hungary you got to love a little bit of adventure! Being fluent in the language of hands and feet, for example, as you shouldn’t take it for granted that everyone will speak English. Euro’s? Not really an option here, so exchange those coins into forint bills! Public transport? My suggestion; rather rent a car. A pre-made route to follow in order to spot all the touristic highlights? Let’s just discover them ourselves!

However, before you are already unpacking your bags, let me tell you what you will get in return. Like enjoying a beautiful view without crowds of tourists waving around with selfie sticks. Being able to discover the real Hungary, and not just the one from a brochure. Meeting lovely, hospitable locals, who are so willing to help, even though you don’t speak the same tongue. Stepping off the beaten paths and finding hidden spots. Having no regrets while still travelling on low-budget. In short; tasting, experiencing and exploring Hungary in all its diversity!

Árpád Thermal Spa, Székesfehérvár

Okay, let’s do this! But where, when and how?”

For the answers to those questions, you came to the right place! Life & Travel Hungary will give you the guide you need to discover Hungary in all its beauty. It is complete with vibrant city trips, adventurous hiking trails, breathtaking views, but also practical reviews, must-visit lists and travel do’s and don’ts. I will give you an insight in the Hungarian culture, traditions and history, so that your trip becomes more than just a checklist of touristic attractions.

So whether you are planning a road-trip, travelling on a student-budget, only staying for a day in the capital Budapest, looking for a romantic get-away or booking a family holiday, I am sure that Hungary will have the right spot for you. Keep reading on my blog to find out the where, when and how!

Bory-vár, Székesfehérvár
City center, Székesfehérvár

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